Virtuous Productiond FrontVirtuous Productions exists to raise up a new generation of talented performing artists and influence them in a purposeful, moral and good way. It is our goal to positively permeate the entertainment industry from the bottom level up; beginning with the training of performing artists and following through to full-scale productions.


Managing by values is one of the passions of this organization. It will be one of the underlying foundations of our future success. In the book, “Credibility- How leaders gain and lose it- Why people demand it”, Kouzes and Ponser say it best:


“When individual, group, and organizational values are in synch, tremendous energy is generated. Commitment, enthusiasm and drive are intensified: people have a reason for caring about their work… Shared values are the internal compasses that enable people to act independently and interdependently."


There are seven values that Virtuous Productions has adapted as its internal compass. These seven core values are common amongst some of the greatest service companies in the 20th century and are presented in great detail in Dr. Leonard L. Berry’s book, “discovering the soul of service”. Dr. Berry studied fourteen award-winning companies and found these seven values as the foundation of each of their successes:



A constant insistence on exceptionally high standards in every operational detail of business. The quest for excellence will create economic value and be a vehicle that uplifts the human spirit as it recognizes its own personal achievement.



A non-stop ambition for finding new ways to create value for customers; continuous innovation strategically (doing the right things).



Resources will always be pooled together in pursuit of a common goal.



Each individual, both inside and outside of the company, regardless of position, status,length of service or any individual differences, will be treated with dignity and respect.



We will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do. Virtuous Productions will always play fair.


Social Profit

We will make a difference, so our community will be a better place.



Virtuous Productions will be a great place to work! We will only recruit employees whose values match the company’s values. Employees will not face daily ethical conflicts; they will not tolerate a double standard for bosses and workers, and they will take pride in the company’s emphasis on excellence, its successes, and its strong reputation with customers and the local community. Recognition and fun will be part of everyday.






As the marketplace changes, our strategies and tactics will change,

but our value system, our soul, will never falter, will never change!

        – Sarita Escobedo Ciallella, Founder & CEO







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