Levi Kennamer

Levi Kennamer instructs the following:
  • Hip-Hop 4 Kids
    This class develops not only teamwork but increases strength, coordination and agility as well as increases stamina and promotes fitness. More importantly it also provides our youth with a healthy sense of self confidence. Classes begins with a modified warm up aimed at introducing fundamental techniques common in Hip Hop culture including basic grooves, footwork, isolations, miming, and various drills derived from the fundamentals of Hip-Hop Choreography. Across the floor work will happen during the middle portion of class to promote a sense of class structure common in dance practices worldwide. Class concludes with a fun and energetic performance of that weeks routine.

  • Hip Hop 4 Kids
  • Kids learn to pick up Choreography fast and create street dance moves with quick weight transfers that make Hip Hop what it is.


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