Emmanuel Ayala

Argentine Tango/
Emmanuel comes to us from Mendoza, Argentina. He grew up in an artistic family and spent much of his time in his Grandmothers Dance studio. There he discovered his passion for Dance. He trained in Ballroom, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary and Modern; and also learned the Folk Dances for all the Latin Countries. He also performed in Argentina's annual festival called, Vendimia, a 4 day festival celebrating the countries wine-making process. He came to the USA in 2011, joining some of his family and wanting to explore dance on a larger scale. He is a key addition to our studio and we know you will benefit from his talent and genuine care for our studio and all of our teachers and clients!

Emmanuel Ayala instructs the following:
  • Hip-Hop
  • (Ages Teen-Adult) 
    Class begins with a basic warm-up to stretch and tone the body.The remainder of the first half of class covers footwork, isolations, miming, and various drills derived from the fundamentals of Hip-Hop. Choreography is taught in the second half of class. The music and movement style varies greatly from week to week, but special attention to musicality is consistent in all our hip hop classes.This class is designed for Experienced Hip Hop Dancers.This class introduces new styles to popular music and breaks them down into awesome Choreography! Class concludes with a fun and energetic performance of that weeks routine.

  • Salsa, Cha Cha, Merengue & more...
  • This is the ideal class for new comers and those looking to brush up their Social Ballroom and Latin partnering skills.In this course you will be introduced to Salsa. The class will be ongoing on Thursday's evenings and will teach you the first several basic patterns of this dance. Teachers encourage the group to rotate partners to ensure a rounded experience (optional). This group class aims to leave you with a sense of confidence and poise. You will be able to re-live the material you learned on any dance floor, to any song, at any tempo. Join us for the thrill! No partner necessary!

  • Hip- Hop

  • Jazz/Modern/Contemp.
  • (Ages Teen-Adult) Pre-Register
    If you love the discipline of classical ballet but prefer music and style that is more current and relevant to your ever-changing emotions, this is the class for you! Learn technique in turns, leaps, and elongation while tapping into your inner self in this Modern/Contemporary dance class for both adults and teens. It's an awesome workout, too!

    *Fitted clothing and mordern or jazz shoes required.

  • Ballet/Jazz 4 kids
  • This combo class develops and refine student's solid ballet technique through body awareness, vocabulary and their artistic sense. Jazz is an essential style for ballet dancers to study, different Jazz elements and styles will be cover in this class.

  • Hip-Hop 4 Kids
  • (5-7yrs)
    This class has been designed for students who have minimal  hip-hop experience or are just starting out. Class begins with a warm-up that helps build stamina, strength and flexibility. Students will learn a foundation of basic hip-hop movements, coordination and rhythm, through today's hi-hop tunes.

  • Argentine Tango
  • This is a multi-level class, that will focus on the Leader and Follower role. The group class format is progressive, so it will intensify each week. No partner or dance experience needed.

  • Jazz 4 Kids
  • (Ages 8-13) Pre-Register
    This class is fun and energetic. Class begins with a warm-up that includes stretching and isolations. Students learn fundamental Jazz steps and basic movements combinations, focusing on technique coordination and rhythm.

  • Hip-Hop 4 Kids
    This class develops not only teamwork but increases strength, coordination and agility as well as increases stamina and promotes fitness. More importantly it also provides our youth with a healthy sense of self confidence. Classes begins with a modified warm up aimed at introducing fundamental techniques common in Hip Hop culture including basic grooves, footwork, isolations, miming, and various drills derived from the fundamentals of Hip-Hop Choreography. Across the floor work will happen during the middle portion of class to promote a sense of class structure common in dance practices worldwide. Class concludes with a fun and energetic performance of that weeks routine.

  • VIP Performance
  • (Ages 8-13) Pre-Register
    Perfect Performance ready pieces in Jazz & Hip Hop for Showcases, Parades, Community Events etc.

  • Tap 4 Kids
    Rhythm, timing, and agility will be a focal point during this class which builds coordination. 

  • Ballroom 4 Kids
    Parents, take an hour to relax, a moment to breathe while your kids learn the basics of ballroom dance! This class is for youth interested in Ballroom dance! In this course young dancers will be introduced to the Cha-Cha and East Coast Swing. The class will be ongoing on Monday afternoons and will teach you the first several basic patterns of the listed dances. Teachers encourage the group to begin exploring new cultures, styles of motion and etiquette through diverse music and movement patterns. Teachers encourage students to rotate partners to ensure a rounded learning experience. No partner necessary!

  • Hip Hop 4 Kids
  • Kids learn to pick up Choreography fast and create street dance moves with quick weight transfers that make Hip Hop what it is.


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